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the emdr readiness course
powerful first steps to heal & transform your life story
    - a self-help course for those with complex trauma -

Susie Morgan, LMFT in Encinitas - EMDR Therapy and CBT for PTSD, Complex PTSD, Developmental Trauma, Attachment Disruption, Rape, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Childhood Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders

EMDR therapy is a powerful way to heal single incident PTSD.  However, it is much more complicated to treat Complex Trauma - which is when when you have experienced tough stuff throughout life since way back at the beginning.

This doesn't always just mean the things that happened to you - it can also involve your basic needs for nurture, protection, and stability not being met.

I created this course because I saw a need for more people to know that this powerful treatment is available - and to help them understand what is necessary to make it safe and effective when there is a history of Complex Trauma. It is a self-help process you can take at your own pace.

The first Module explains the basics of all of this.  I made it available for only $20 because I wanted anyone who had experienced Complex Trauma to be able to have access to this information.

Words of praise from a participant:

The Course is, in a word, Amazing. Susie Morgan's command of the subject is thorough and well presented.

For years I have struggled with alcoholism stemming from issues I could not identify. This course helped me identify the source of my issues and, more importantly, identify a path to heal and grow from them.

I strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in healing past trauma through a safe and effective process. For me, it opened the door to further EMDR therapy, a phenomenal technique. I wish I had been introduced to EMDR therapy decades ago.

- JS

Words of praise from a Past-President of the EMDR International Association

Susie Morgan makes understanding complicated personal psychological concepts easy to understand, and she engages the listener in a user-friendly process of self-understanding and personal growth.  It was really easy to watch.  I loved it!  Much better than a self-help book.  A very innovative way to engage in personal growth!
- DaLene Forester, PhD
  EMDRIA Certified Therapist & Approved Consultant
  Past-President, EMDR International Association

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